Pink Floral Dresser

When I was asked to refinish this pretty piece, I was excited and slightly intimidated. She came to me topless and while I’d built suff for myself, I’d never attempted to build something for a client. My sweet client “G” wasn’t sure if she was going to source a piece of marble or granite and have it fitted or if a new wood top was in its future. Being that it didn’t realy impact the painting much, I decided to get started.

I was given the great honor of having creative control with this dresser. “G” and I chatted about inspirations…ahhhhh Lilly Pulitzer and Vera Bradley, ummmm yes! Two of my faves! Her daughter fell in love with a pretty floral paper, similar to one I’d used on my craft cabinet, and well the rest was history…the pink floral dresser was born! Let me just say, with such an honor, comes plenty of anxiety. You have this extraordinary vision and just hope with all your might, that you’re able to execute the piece in a way that comes out better than they could ever imagine. With this piece, I was totally shooting for mind blowing!



I went with Sherwin Williams Prominent Pink. It’s such a pretty pink. Not overly bubble gummy and not too pretty, pretty princess. Just sweet and sophisticated.

Admittedly, I’m a little bit of a mettalic paint snob. Modern Masters has always been my go to, but I also really like Fusion Mineral Paint’s mettalics too. I used it on the drawers and after running out, I reached for my trusty Modern Masters in
Iridescent gold to finish the job. This is the coverage after one coat. Not too bad eh?


…and two coats!


Now my favorite part…the paper!!! Let’s just take a moment to love on this pretty paper!! It’s one of my faves. I absolutely adored the clean, crisp look of just the paper and paint, but I also really loved the idea of gently aging the piece and in the end, that’s the route I chose.

Getting back to the top, “G” had no luck finding a suitable piece of marble or granite so she decided that I should try to make a new top. It took me several failed attempts and the feeling of total defeat (having had major router issues) to think a little out of the box. Remembering how I’d done the decorative trim on my mantel shelf, I thought, why not? Off to Lowe’s I went. I didn’t want MDF or plywood, and by the grace of God, there was my new solid wood top, sitting right there wrapped in pretty plastic! I had it cut to size and it worked like a charm!

After attaching the new top, we secured decorative trim with liquid nails. It wasn’t an exact match to the existing edge, but it was complimentary and added some visual interest. As you can see, there was a slight gap between the top and molding.

…use your filler of choice, sand it smooth and it’s almost completely unnoticeable.

I dented, dinged and added worm holes and then painted and detailed the top. That little bit of diluted VDB glaze enhanced those intentional imperfections ever so slightly. To retain the brillianc of the mettalic paint, I used one of my favorite top coats made specifically for use with metallics, Modern Masters Master Clear Supreme

and called this little lovely complete! It’s truly one of my most favorite projects to date!!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so feel free to leave me a comment. Ask away if you have any questions and as always, feel free to PIN and share! xo







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  1. Pink Floral Dresser | Simple Southern Charm
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  6. Pink Floral Dresser | Simple Southern Charm
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  9. hi
    it’s good posting.

  10. Pink Floral Dresser | Simple Southern Charm

  11. Laura Rosar says:

    Amazing , I love it ! I love that you used such bold colors and patterns, the wonderful way it came together has given me the courage to go all the way with a project that I am doing. I have re read the description and cant seem to get how the paper was applied, is it just sealed with the Master Clear Coat?. You have an eye for beauty that is apparent , thank you for sharing and Ill keep up with your projects for the inspiration I need to be more bold in my re-do’s .

  12. Absolutely beautiful and perfect for a girl’s room!! Can I ask what you adhered the paper to the dresser with? Modge Podge or something else? And it appears pretty shiny in the “after” pics, so I am wondering what you used for the top coat? Great job!

  13. Always looking for new ideas!!!!

  14. Nicole says:

    where did you find that paper? I love it but haven’t been able to find anything similar!

  15. Deanna says:

    This is one of the best makeovers I’ve ever seen on a dresser! I love the colors and the paper is so smooth! How do you get the paper so smooth! I’d love to know ur tricks! Thank u!

  16. Janet says:

    Beautiful.. Looks like Lilly print? .. Do you use any special product for your decoupage?

  17. This is absolutely beautiful. We’d love to share it on our sites – would you let us know which Metallic Paint color from our line was used? Thank you! Kudos again!

  18. Candie says:

    Love this piece! Where did you find the paper?

  19. You did an incredible job on this piece. It looks great!

  20. Sue O'Mullan says:

    I adore this piece you created!!!! I have a question… What type of paper is this? If you ever want to come to PA to teach a class – please put me in!!!!!! Draw dropping project you did!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi there! It’s actually wrapping paper. You can really use anything though. Wallpaper, fabric, scrap book paper would all be awesome. I prefer papers that are a little heavier weight.

  21. Maggie Kimble says:

    Absolutely amazing! I am looking for ideas for my “girlie” bedroom redo and this is perfect! What type of paper should I buy? Yours appears to be wallpaper. Could fabric be used? I have some vintage looking rose upholstery fabric.

    Can’t wait to get started!

  22. This is really pretty. I love that paper.

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