Halloween Crafts: Painted Mason Jars

It’s safe to say this weekend was a wild one!  Between the Pig Pickin’ (and a little lesson about the difference between a Pig Pickin’ and BBQ) Si’s bronchitis, going to a zillion lighting stores for Mama SSCharm’s house and an incredible Jets win last night, our household of 10 has been quite crazy to say the least.  We decided we needed to take it easy and recoup a bit.  What better way than with a cuppa hazelnut coffee?!


While we were chatting, we got to talking about mason jars and remembered that not too long ago, we scored a dozen vintage mason jars and this entire tin of spigots (for $1)  They’ve been sitting in the garage waiting for some love.  With all the rushing around going on, furniture was off the table (no pun intended!) so it was a sign to start a project with some our forgotten finds.

We’ve seen painted mason jars pop up on Pinterest and think they’re super cute, so we decided to do something with ours, but with a Halloween-ey twist.

We used our homemade chalk-like paint for this project.  We tried different techniques on each: painted the inside and outside for Frankenstein, painted the outside for the pumpkin and painted the outside and used yarn for the spider.  When they were all done, we sprayed each with a bit of craft sealant and Voila!  All done!


This was a quick, impromptu project that you can have fun doing with the kids and what’s best is you really can’t make a mistake… With a little paint (acrylics would work great too) you can create a fun Frankenstein, a country pumpkin or a spooky spider.  Think outside the box and improvise a little.   We have a few left over so who knows, maybe you’ll see some winter themed mason jars soon 🙂

As a side note, we found that the pumpkin mason jar that had the outside painted glowed beautifully when we put a tea light inside.  The spider glowed, but ever so slightly.  Perhaps a lighter shade of gray would have  worked better?  The Frankenstein was painted on the inside and virtually no light was visible.  If you want to use these with tea lights, painting the exterior in lighter colors is the way to go!

masonjar lit up

Dorrie XO

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