Last Minute Decor: Glittered & Spray Painted Pinecones

photo 1We’ve been seeing all things “Pinecone” pop up on social media sites this month. So when we were thinking of ideas about how to decorate our booth we thought they’d make a nice addition. Since I (Amanda) am the more glitzy one, I decided to glitter/spray paint some pinecones. When I say this is one of the easiest DIY projects ever, I’m not kidding.

All you need are pinecones (we got some cinnamon scented ones at Michael’s), glue, glitter, and spray paint. Pinecone Materials

 First, determine how glittery you want to get. The amount of glue you add will determine how much glitter will stick (less glue=less glitter). You can apply the glue with a cotton ball for light coverage, paint brush for medium coverage, or by rolling it in glue if you want full coverage.

Pour whatever glitter colors you’ve chosen into deep bowls/tupperwares. I used 4 different colors, but this is totally up to you! Once you’ve got the glue on your cone just roll it around in the glitter. I used a piece of cardboard to put the pinecones on once I was done to let them dry.  That’s it folks you’re done!

photo 3

The spray painting is even easier. Take a big piece of cardboard. We had tons of cardboard boxes from moving so I just cut one up. If you don’t have any, just find a hard surface to lay the pinecones on outside. Choose whatever colors you want and spray away!

photo 4

Just a sidenote… we used Turquoise, Pink, Purple, Silver Metallic, and Gold Metallic. We only needed one coat for the Silver and Gold and about 2/3 for the others.

photo 2



Dorrie XO

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