Fall Table Decor

I’ve been stressing out a little about how to decorate my dining room table for the holidays. We didn’t have a usable dining room last year, so I wanted to make it look really nice. Honestly though, I wasn’t trying to do something drastically different for Halloween and Thanksgiving. I was looking around in the garage for our fall decor and came across three bundles of leftover grapevines in my garage from a project that never happened. I made a mental note about them and set them aside. Well, I was at Walmart today picking up some odds and ends and came across a huge bin of white pumpkins and it hit me! Pumpkins and Grapevines would make the PERFECT combo for fall table decor! I’d been totally overthinking this whole tablescape situation. While I love and can certainly appreciate glitz and glam, with 5 kids, that’s not always practical or even remotely feasible.

I picked out a few pumpkins and some gourds (I think that’s what they are…maybe a gourd/pumpkin hybrid, lol!) and when I got home, I threw this little look together. It’s simple and understated, but will be super easy to bling out when Thanksgiving rolls around. I’m lovin’ that it cost me $15 and 15 minutes. I think it totally conveys, “it’s fall y’all!”

I can’t wait to get the settings placed, the rest of the chairs painted and the “mantel” up so stay tuned. I may just get it done for y’all sooner rather than later in case you need some inspiration before Thanksgiving rolls around!



Dorrie XO

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