DIY Kiddie Cup Caddy

Ok y’all, please tell me I’m not the only mommy overwhelmed and often times completely frustrated with how many cups my kiddos go through in one day!? We have 5 kids + us makes 7. Seven cups is a lot, but trust me when I tell you, washing 14 cups, often times more, is ALOT ALOT. Sure we have a dishwasher, but the issue is moreso that no one can remember who’s taken what cup. When in doubt, go grab another!? Ummmm, no!! We end up with a counter and table full of partially full cups with no owners which results in a ton of waste and lots more washing. Check out my solution! The DIY Kiddie Cup Caddy!!

Here’s what I used, but of course you can make this as easy or as detailed as you’d like. I picked up (6) 3in. PVC pipe caps from Lowe’s. There were lots of options, but I really wanted something that was fully enclosed on the bottom just in case the cups leaked, spilled or sweat. I went with chalkboard stickers, a chalk pen and a cute little package of multicolored button brads from Michael’s (don’t forget to use a their 50% off coupon code for online purchases by typing in SPOOKY50 at check out between now and 10/11/2014). I used a piece of scrap wood that was 9 1/4 x 12 and .75in screws.

I started out just drilling the holes with a drill bit, but remembered I’d selected countersink screws. No biggie. I just switched out drill bit for a 1/8 in countersink bit and re-drilled. BTW, I chose to countersink the screws so they would be as flush with the plastic as possible in order forĀ flat bottom cups to sit straight and not wobble. Each PVC cap had a dead center, so it saved me from having to measure and mark. I was drilling in my dining room, so to avoid damaging my table, I simply stacked two caps and drilled the top.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with countersinking, here’s the difference. The left is just a plain old circular hole made with a regular drill bit. The right is countersunk so around the hole, there is a little rim for the top of the screw to rest in instead of on top of like it would do on the left.

I painted the base in Fusion’s Ingelnook because it’s such an awesome, high quality, as water resistant as you’d expect a high quality acrylic paint to be, kinda paint. After thinking it over though, I was feeling like the board looked a little plain, so I decided to cut some leftover 1/2 round trim to give it a more finished look. I didn’t bother nailing it on. I used Gorilla wood glue, filled the small gap with Bondo, painted and called it a day!

As for the cute little button brads, I also predrilled for those. Instead of measuring every cap, I applied a chalkboard sticker and then drilled my holes. I used the same sticker for measuring each cup. Why you ask, did I not just leave the sticker on? Well, I could have, but…I happened to test out writing a name on one of the stickers and then applying it. Well, they’re chalk markers, so after applying it and having to handle the cup to drill, I found that the marker smudged a little. It’s also LOADS easier to write on a flat surface rather than a curved one for me, but if you’ve got skills like that, GO FOR IT!

Here’s my final product!! Finally we have cup containment!!



Now…a few TIPS!
1. The cups tend to have little nubs on them from the injection molding process and from drilling. Soften them by using a 220 grit sanding block. It’s also a good idea to do this if you plan on spray painting them.

2. Make sure you give the cups a good wash before you apply your stickers.

3. Add a little “grip” to the bottom of your caddy by applying plastic cabinet door stops. You can also use felt bottom so it doesn’t scuff your table top.

4. Make sure to give your kiddos “kiddie cup caddy” orientation so they know why it’s there and what it’s there for!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so leave me a comment! Feel free to PIN and share! Thanks a bunch for stopping by!

Dorrie XO


  1. If we have company, I write each person’should name on their glass in permanent marker. It usually washes right off in the dishwasher. What doesn’t, I just dab with a tiny bit of rubbing alcohol on a dish cloth. Saves on dish washing and I never buy paper cups.


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