Thrift Find Thursday: Refinished Coffee Table


This cool Craigslist find started out looking like this… It had such good bones, but had been well loved. Dents and dings galore and even some marker on the underside had it screaming for some much needed attention. I bought it over 9 months ago for my own home. It had a very short life […]

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Our House in the Making!


So I’ve finally made it to North Carolina… and it’s about time if I do say so myself. I won’t lie, it is a little different than NJ, but Mama SSCharm and I are totally falling in love with the area. As much as I hate to admit it, the word “y’all” has been making […]

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How To: Eliminate Paint Bleeds


If you’ve ever spent time taping off walls, a ceiling or a piece of furniture you MUST take a look at this time saving tutorial that will help eliminate those annoying, often inevitble paint bleeds. If you’re anything like me, you tape, level, re-tape and give multiple firm passes on the edge to make sure […]

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Coffee Filters Wreath Tutorial


Anyone in the mood for a coffee filter wreath tutorial?? This is a pretty easy project and the best part, most of us have two of the three main “ingredients”…a hot glue, coffee filters and a styrofoam form that I needed to buy. Now, it can be slow to start, but once you get into […]

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