A little about me…

dorrieWelcome to my humble online abode! Who am I you ask? What’s that chick all about? Welp, in a rather large, ever evolving nutshell, I’m a mom of 5 incredible kids. I love all things DIY from crafts to construction and everything in between. My heart truly sings when I think about painting. My grandfather and many other relatives were painters, so I’m fairly certain the obsession is inherited. I have a big imagination and look for pieces of furniture that are stamped with a bit of history. For me, clean lines and near perfection are all fine and dandy, but it’s the stuff with dents, dings and a bit of imperfection that really conveys the stories of their former owners and inspires me to remake it into something magnificent.

Although I’m from up North, a true Jersey girl at heart, my family and I relocated to North Carolina a few years ago and never looked back. Not once. It’s quite possible that I was a southerner in a previous life. The “Y’all” just comes way to naturally to me!

What you’ll find here is a mix of silly, sweet and sarcastic. I make corny jokes, in my mind (and lots of times in real life!) I speak in different accents just for fun, I use exclamation points far too often to convey my excitement and I have a tendency to be overly wordy. I’m trying hard to embrace my own imperfection, so I try not to apologize for my sometimes untidy home, the pile of junk mail I haven’t sorted through, or the toys scattered on the floor. We live here and I have news for you. Homes that are truly lived in are not often photo shoot ready.

I love my house, but it is undergoing a transformation. In an effort to live intentionally and purposefully and to make our home as functional as possible, stuff is always changing. I like to try things on for size to see what works and what doesn’t. Hopefully somewhere along the way, it’ll all come together. I’m not looking for picture perfect. Cohesive chaos is what I’m shooting for.

I’m a “wear my heart on my sleeve” kinda woman. My goal is to share not only my passion for paint and DIY, but to share myself, my goals, my failures and my successes. If I inspire even one person to color paint outside the lines and push past your creative comfort zone, my mission has been accomplished.

Soooo, with that all said, poke around, leave a comment or two and of course, please feel free to ask questions. I’m always happy to help!

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Dorrie XO